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Udział w konferencji, jako słuchacz jest bezpłatny. Jednak ze względu na ograniczoną liczbę miejsc obowiązuje rezerwacja miejsc. Wszystkie osoby zainteresowane konferencją prosimy o przesłanie swojego imienia i nazwiska na adres

Magdalena Tomaszewska-BolałekMagdalena Tomaszewska-BolałekFot.

Oriental culture expert and an independent Food Studies scholar working for a company that deals with Polish-Japanese economical and cultural exchange. She obtained MA from the Department of Japanese Studies, Warsaw University, Poland. Her PhD thesis is about history and function of Japanese sweets. Magdalena’s scholar research focuses on world’s food culture, Asian culture, culinary diplomacy and food tourism. Her book: Japanese sweets won The Best in the World in Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2013 in category Japanese cuisine. At Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 Japanese sweets was awarded the 3rd place in Gourmand World Cookbook Awards – the Best of the Best (in years 1994-2014). Magdalena is a coordinator of postgraduate Food Studies at University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw.

Aleksandra_Drzal-SierockaAleksandra Drzał-Sierocka

Ph. D., the specialist in cultural studies, film studies and co-coordinator of postgraduate Food Studies in University of Social Science and Humanities in Warsaw. She is the fan of cinema and food – both private and professional, in theory and practice. Her scholar research focuses on cultural and anthropological aspects of food in ordinary life, food film, culinary taboo, but also on history of film (both feature and documentary) and the cultural images of death and dying. Also, she is the chairman of Foundation Of Film Initiatives “TU SIĘ MOVIE” with the experience as an organizer of many film events and projects in cultural and film education. Currently, she is writing a book about food in American cinema.

Agnieszka MałkiewiczAgnieszka Małkiewicz

Related professionally to the HORECA sector since 2006, she is currently vice president of the association Cook in Poland and the owner of the company Food and Horeca Communications. She graduated from Finance and Banking at Warsaw School of Economics and Postgraduate Public Relations Studies at the University of Warsaw. Agnieszka Małkiewicz specializes in building brand strategy, creating marketing programs and personal image for the customers in the HORECA and F&B sector. She creates events and marketing campaigns that positively influence the image of Polish gastronomy. She writes for industry magazines, e.g. Food Service, Restauracja, Kukbuk. Also, Agnieszka Małkiewicz has many years of experience in managing own restaurants. Takes culinary and business trips, collecting inspirations for future projects.